Multi-Track Recording on iPhone

As some of my readers probably already know, there’s a cool and free app for recoding music provided by Apple, named Garageband. It is available for MacBooks, iPads and also for iPhone. So far I had only used a PC for recording my songs, with applications such as Audacity, Anvil Studio and Magix Music Maker.

Now I gave it a spin and tried out the Garageband app on my iPhone and I am really impressed how well that went.

No issues with latencies, good audio quality, nice, easy to use drum track options. The only thing I am always struggling with is using a built-in bass, here I think it would actually be better to use a real bass guitar to get the rhythm right, with exactly the right timing and thus groove. But besides that, I am really impressed! If you’d like to see for yourself you can listen to my recording on SoundCloud (or below).